Automation Suppliers See Revenues Gain Momentum in Q3 2017

By Allen Avery

ARC Report Abstract


Overall, automation supplier revenues ventured into positive territory during the second quarter of 2017, increasing by over 3 percent compared to the same quarter the previous year. In Q3, this momentum carried forward and then some, as suppliers saw average year-over-year growth of over 8 percent. Discrete-centric suppliers continued to see exchange rates exchange%20rates.JPGstrong gains in both revenues and new orders, reflecting growth in the automotive and electronics sectors in many regions around the world. The oil & gas industry has been shaking off the doldrums in recent quarters. This trend continued in Q3, filling the order coffers of many traditional process suppliers. Many suppliers saw a significant uptick in order taking during the quarter.

Strong Growth Across All Sectors

Compared to the third quarter of 2016, the total combined revenues of automation suppliers to both the process and discrete manufacturing industries grew by 8.4 percent (see Figure 2). Process industry suppliers saw their combined revenues grow by 8.1 percentage points; while suppliers to the discrete industries saw an 8.6 percent increase in combined revenues. While recent acquisitions and divestitures (Parker, Emerson, Thermo Fisher) had an effect, many suppliers reported strong double-digit organic growth.

Among suppliers that report order intake, many saw large increases in activity during the quarter. After a long period of slow activity, more process than discrete suppliers saw dramatically increased order intake. On average, orders fell by 2.7 percent during the quarter, however if the large decrease in GE Power’s orders is factored out, the combined order activity of all other suppliers rose by 10 percent (Figure 3).

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