Bentley, Infotech, And AASHTO Unite to Support Digital Delivery Initiatives for Departments of Transportation

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Bentley Systems, Incorporated, Infotech, and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), a nonprofit, nonpartisan association representing transportation departments in 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, announced an initiative to support digital delivery initiatives for departments of transportation. Their work together will provide Departments of Transportationincreased value and tools to modernize project delivery processes for better project outcomes, including streamlined design to construction processes, better quality of data, and improved communication of design intent.

To validate the approach, parties are working together with MnDOT, the lead state DOT on this effort, on a digital delivery proof of concept that should improve the digital collaboration across design and construction. By integrating and extending design and construction contract systems of record, Bentley, Infotech, and AASHTO will advance industry best practices for data federation, with data captured once and then seamlessly accessible across project delivery workflows. 

Bentley applications will be enabled to optimize for pay-item data during design and pre-construction processes, synchronizing digital twins for accurate and efficient construction deliverables. The integration of AASHTOWare Project and Infotech’s cloud technology with Bentley Infrastructure Cloud’s iTwin Platform to span OpenRoads, ProjectWise, and SYNCHRO will dramatically improve processes that to date have been manual, such as the entry of construction pay item summaries into plan sheets.

Bentley, Infotech, and AASHTO will streamline digital delivery market offerings that demonstrate value and best practices for:

  • on-demand pay item updates – to synchronize the official pay item list in AASHTOWare Project with design and construction artifacts, minimizing pay-item differences at plan turn-in for letting

  • automated quantities – to maximize pay item amounts extracted automatically from the design process, versus manually entered

  • predicted future costs – to minimize variations between official design-based estimates and actual construction costs

  • automated funding categories – to maximize automatic extraction, for transfer to AASHTOWare Project, of financial responsibility allocations across agencies and partnering parties.


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