Electric Transportation Grid Planning Tool Launched by EPRI

Author photo: Jim Frazer
ByJim Frazer
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As part of its EVs2Scale2030 initiative, EPRI – with support from truck and car manufacturers, fleet operators, the U.S. Department Electric Transportation Gridof Energy (DOE), the DOE National Labs, RMI, and others – released eRoadMAP, an interactive online electric transportation grid planning tool intended to help electric power companies and industry stakeholders effectively plan for the power and infrastructure needed to serve light-, medium-, and heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs).

Electric Transportation Grid Planning Tool eRoadMAP

This free and public tool allows users to explore how quickly EVs are expected in different regions, and identifies energy needs across the U.S. at the individual feeder level—where critical utility planning occurs. To highlight both near-term and future energy needs, eRoadMAP incorporates the electrification plans of critical industry stakeholders as well as the future energy needs to support full electrification of the on-road transportation sector. This tool is a work in progress and will continue to be updated and improved with additional data.

Future plans for the mapping tool include integrating important demo-graphic data and other planning resources to help identify and prioritize areas where transportation electrification-related investments can be made to address specific market needs, including major freight hubs, corridors and disadvantaged communities.




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