Emerson to Provide Technology for Australian Hydrogen Terminal Operations

Author photo: Bob Gill
ByBob Gill
Project Success Story

Australia’s H2 Hauler, which designs, manufactures, and certifies storage and distribution equipment for compressed hydrogen, has selected Emerson as its technology partner to provide a consolidated and integrated hydrogen mobility business management system.

Specifically, to enable the safe and efficient management of hydrogen terminal operations and remote monitoring of H2 Hauler’s distribution network, Emerson will automate the company’s loading and monitoring systems, manage custody transfer, and monitor trailer tube assets to enable safe and sustainable transport of hydrogen.

Emerson technology deployed will include the DeltaV PK Controller, fire and gas systems, valves, actuators, and regulators. In addition, a secure, cloud-based data platform to remotely view and control equipment will enable real-time data for optimal operational performance.

“As demand for hydrogen accelerates across heavy-duty transportation applications, we need systems in place to safely, reliably and efficiently transport hydrogen from where it is produced to where it is needed,” said Mike Train, Emerson’s chief sustainability officer. “We look forward to delivering our hydrogen mobility technologies to H2 Hauler, which is making strides in support of Australia’s mobile hydrogen infrastructure.”

Hydrogen Mobility Terminal

Low-emissions hydrogen has the potential to accelerate the energy transition, with over 40 countries announcing national hydrogen strategies to date. Delivering on this vision at scale will require technologies and infrastructure to safely and reliably transport and store high-pressure hydrogen, from production locations to industrial facilities, power generators or fueling stations.

Aside from H2 Hauler, Emerson is working with a number of other customers in the hydrogen value chain, including Toyota Australia, which has that developed a commercial-grade hydrogen production, storage and refueling plant, and KOHYGEN, which is constructing a network of high-capacity gas or liquid hydrogen refueling stations across South Korea.

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