Energea Announces Commissioning of the Divinópolis II Solar Power Plant In Brazil

Author photo: Jim Frazer
ByJim Frazer
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Energea, a pioneering renewable energy investment platform, announces the successful commissioning of the Divinópolis II solar power plant in Brazil. Located at the "Fazenda Córrego Sujo" in Divinópolis, Minas Gerais, this 3.13 MW (DC) facility is Energea's 24th solar asset in Brazil. An additional 16 projects are still under construction according to the company which launched its operations in Brazil in 2020.       

Solar Power Plant In Brazil

The Divinópolis II project is leased to a consortium of retail energy customers, comprised of over 50 commercial businesses, for 25 years. Customers will enjoy discounted energy provided by the project without the need to host solar equipment at their facilities.

The project is part of a portfolio of assets jointly owned by Energea's retail investment community. More than 2,500 individuals in the U.S. contributed capital to construct and own the project through Energea's proprietary investment platform. The platform is open to any U.S. citizen and offered under Regulation A of the U.S. Securities Act.

The Divinópolis II project is a testament to Energea's expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments and forging meaningful partnerships to drive the energy transition forward. Energea remains committed to expanding its renewable energy portfolio, fostering sustainable development, and delivering value to its investors and the communities it serves.


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