Future Automation Architectures on ARC’s European Industry Forum

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ByConstanze Schmitz
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The next European Forum, May 17 - 18, 2022, will focus on “Accelerating Industrial Digital Transformation and Sustainability”. As part of the “Automation Innovation” track, we will take a closer look at Future Automation Architectures. To keep up to date, please follow us on LinkedIn #arcforum.

Software’s growing role in automation

Future Automation ArchitecturesThe classic, hierarchical automation architecture for industrial machinery has remained mostly unchanged for decades. Citing the special requirements of industrial applications, automation suppliers managed to stay the course with proprietary technology that created walled gardens but did little to drive innovation. That situation is changing now as the influence of information technology (IT) on operations technology (OT) grows.

As software plays an ever-growing role in automation solutions, automation architectures are evolving and mimicking those in the commercial IT world. Industry 4.0 taught our industry to apply more analytics to industrial processes, and these solutions helped to create the Industrial Edge – the first step in the modernization of automation architectures. As they evolve, automation solutions will embrace technologies, such as virtualization, that help to consolidate software and commoditize hardware.

ARC's WebWindow on Future Automation Architectures

To dive into the topic, we would like to invite you to join ARC's next WebWindow, where we will discuss: “Future Automation Architectures: Everything Software-defined? Everything Virtualized?“ This presentation looks at where we stand today and how the evolution of automation architectures will look in the coming years, and shares a few practical examples of what some companies are doing today to create the future of automation architectures. ARC's WebWindows is a series of free top-level webinars covering current industry hot topics.


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