fybr's Next-Gen City Operations Platform: An Embedded Collaborative Learning Edge Architecture

By Alex Chatha

Industry Trends

Cybersecurity was missing-in-action at Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley for the most part, and that is not surprising since when you go outside of industry into the smart cities and buildings markets the buzz is just whispers. In the smart cities and buildings markets it is not prominent because the owners/operators/civic leaders do not know enough about the technology to realize how critical it is. The developers and software vendors entering the IoT market that are not from industry are not building security into their applications at the first phase, but rather patching at the end like it is an afterthought. fybr was an exception, and this platform truly embodied the theme of this show which was "Next-Gen Smart Cities."

fybr – Smart City Platform Developed with Next-Gen Machine Learning and Holistic Cybersecurity

Being able to discuss the cybersecurity issue with the CTO of fybr, Mrinal Wadhwa, and to hear that they understood the criticality of device and system security from the beginning was refreshing. fybr understood the requirements of a city-scale end-to-end enterprise smart city platform and developed their system with a solid core of requirements, including; device security, extended battery life, low-power robust wireless connectivity, cooperative learning at the edge, scalability, etc. The key to the fybr platform was the innovation of their CHARIoT Virtual Machine, which is embedded into all edge devices and available for rapid prototyping and deployment by 3rd party device vendors. The brilliance of this virtual machine designed by fybr is in its cooperative edge machine learning capabilities and advanced security features. fybr’s edge devices do not just learn on their own as they can monitor the entire network in real-time and work together with peer devices to get smarter through collaborative learning. Instead of waiting for updates to their algorithms to be pushed from the platform, fybr’s edge devices can learn from peers and react in real-time to system-wide events. fybr is taking centralized smart city platforms to the next-gen, a revolutionary embedded collaborative learning edge architecture.
fybr smart city Source: fybr

This type of next-level cooperative learning and fybr’s ability to provide every virtual machine a unique encryption key to meet higher security standards makes the fybr platform a market leader from a technology perspective in the smart city platform space. Fybr offers cities a very low price point to pilot their solution for 1 city block because they are confident that their platform will sell itself if given the opportunity. This pilot can give small and midsize cities the ability to produce quantifiable results that justify investment in city-wide deployment to civic leaders and financial backers. Wadhwa informed me that to design this holistic platform to meet their core objectives took 3 years, which means they had the vision to see the future of edge and the skills to execute their vision.  I believe that fybr's platform is innovative in its approach and the software design was future-oriented and designed for the next stage of industrial IoT's evolution.

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