HiveMQ Edge Releases Enterprise-Grade MQTT Gateway to Bridge OT and IT

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HiveMQ, a global vendor of enterprise MQTT solutions, has announced the availability of HiveMQ Edge, a software-based industrial edge MQTT gateway designed to bridge the Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) divide for smart manufacturing, automotive, transportation and logistics, and energy use cases. HiveMQ released an open-source version of the software gateway in July 2023, and now the company expands the product’s functionality and adds enterprise-level support. 

MQTT Gateway

Connecting to legacy equipment, accessing data silos, and creating an efficient data flow from edge to cloud are challenges enterprises must overcome to access the business value of their industrial edge. The HiveMQ Edge software gateway unifies edge data by translating proprietary protocols, such as Modbus, OPC-UA, Siemens S7, BACnet, and others, into MQTT. The new release includes data transformation, with an integrated policy and transformation engine to validate, enforce, and manipulate data in motion at the edge.

As the IT and OT realms increasingly intersect, enterprises are seeking ways to unify their OT data streams to fuel IT-level systems that unlock operational insights and improvements. With HiveMQ Edge, enterprises can use data from edge IoT devices to better understand their business and drive use cases including asset monitoring and tracking, predictive maintenance, and others.

HiveMQ Edge enables users to:

  • Extract data out of edge systems by converting automation and communication protocols into the lightweight MQTT.

  • Improve data quality and integrity with HiveMQ Data Hub, an integrated policy and transformation engine at the edge to define and enforce data quality standards.

  • Build a Unified Namespace by enabling data integration to a centralized data hub, capitalize on readily accessible ISA-95 profiles, and mitigate errors.

  • Achieve enterprise-grade reliability with support for offline buffering, to queue and later publish messages in case of a connection failure with zero data loss.


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