Honeywell Announces Single Platform for Enterprise Safety Applications

By Mark Sen Gupta

Company and Product News

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) announced Safety Manager SC, the next generation of its flagship Safety Manager platform.  Its modular, scalable design enables it to function as a single platform for all enterprise safety applications, allowing customers – who are often using four or five different safety systems – to consolidate and reduce their training and engineering costs, and spare parts inventories.

Safety Manager SC incorporates a new Series C-based controller and Honeywell technologies, such as LEAP, Universal Safety IO, offline simulation and Experion integration, which collectively help simplify safety system engineering, development and testing.

Safety Manager SC was designed around three pillars: to ensure safety, simplify operations and reduce costs. For example:

  • Safety – The solution is SIL2- and SIL3-certified and supports small to large distributed safety applications requiring varying levels of redundancy.
  • Simplified operations – Safety Manager SC simplifies operations by seamlessly integrating DCS and safety systems, and improves maintenance and troubleshooting through its simplified design.
  • Reduced system costs – Safety Manager SC’s smaller footprint, Universal Safety IO and LEAP deliver cost-reducing efficiencies, while offline simulation capabilities allow for faster development and checkout of safety logic.

Safety Manager SC is ideal for global hydrocarbon processing companies with greenfield projects requiring SIL2 or SIL3 solutions for distributed and safety applications, or stand-alone safety solutions.


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