How UK's Electric Vehicle Charging Market to be Shaken-Up by Landis+Gyr Uniting with UK Utility Companies

Author photo: Jim Frazer
ByJim Frazer
Acquisition or Partnership

A major partnership that will accelerate the rollout of the UK's public and private Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure has been announced. Tech-first utility company and the UK's largest independent energy supplier, Pozitive Energy, and Swiss energy Electric Vehicle Chargingmanagement solutions provider, Landis+Gyr, have joined forces to deliver the country's most substantial gear shift in Electric Vehicle charging.

The partnership will see a unique delivery model rolled out across the country, with businesses able to access the complete end-to-end EV charging infrastructure, including full installation and management of Landis+Gyr's EV charging solutions, fixed national pricing, 'tap and go' payment processes, and the ability to earn revenues or offset energy bills from chargepoint use.

Not only will this make EV charging as accessible and easy as possible for both businesses deploying it and their customers who use it, but it will also help expedite the expansion of the UK's EV infrastructure, which continues to lag behind European countries.

Once deployment has been completed, the partnership will see Pozitive Energy provide the largest network of EV chargers in the UK.

Over the next five years, Pozitive Energy expects to install 30,000 of Landis+Gyr's electric vehicle charging units across the UK, which will make it one of the UK's largest Charge Point Operators (CPOs).



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