How Yokogawa and FPT Software are Driving Digital Transformation in the Industrial Sector

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Digital transformation (DX) is the process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, products, and customer experiences. DX can help businesses improve efficiency, agility, innovation, and competitiveness in the rapidly changing market. However, DX also requires a strong alignment and integration of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) to ensure optimal performance and outcomes.

Digital Transformation in the Industrial Sector

That's why Yokogawa Electric Corporation, provider of industrial automation and test and measurement solutions, and FPT Software, a global technology and IT services company headquartered in Vietnam, have entered into a worldwide supplier framework agreement to advance digital transformation in the industrial sector. The agreement will enable both companies to leverage their respective strengths and expertise to deliver comprehensive and differentiated DX services that combine OT and IT.

Digital Transformation in the Industrial Sector

Yokogawa and FPT Software have been collaborating since 2022 to develop and deploy DX solutions and services for both internal and external customers. The new agreement will further enhance their partnership and accelerate the growth of Yokogawa's DX portfolio of applications and services. It will also help FPT Software expand its market reach and offer more value-added solutions to its clients.

Under the agreement, FPT Software will support Yokogawa's IT capabilities in various areas, such as application development, system maintenance, infrastructure deployment, infrastructure operation, and software as a service. Yokogawa will leverage its OT expertise and experience to support FPT Software in applying its technologies to the field, while continuously improving its own DX-related solutions and services.

By working together, Yokogawa and FPT Software aim to create new value and opportunities for their customers and stakeholders in the industrial sector, as well as contribute to the sustainable development of society.


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