IBM Delivers First Cognitive Services Platform to Help Transform Business

By Ralph Rio

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IBM announced the first IBM Watson-based services platform fully built on the IBM Cloud that augments human intelligence to help improve service provider operations via cognitive technologies and freeing up professionals to focus on driving higher value results.

The platform provides companies with artificial intelligence capabilities that bring together human intelligence and insight with technology by creating infrastructures, which is designed to predict and identify potential problems and self-heal, helping reduce business disruption and strengthening a highly secure IT environment.

The IBM Services Platform with Watson’s cognitive capability can both predict problems and proactively direct automation to improve quality, as well as provide IT staffs with critical information to help them make faster, data-driven decisions.

With the platform, automation tools can do more than execute simple instructions, they can now run diagnostics and execute actions to address the root causes of issues and unstructured e-mails and chats can be read in natural language and resulting insights used to resolve problems without manual intervention. Technical requirements can be understood quickly, gaps in current operations identified and tailored solutions designed and implemented. vast knowledge bases able to be mined, the best answers are available for technical experts to use to enable them to find faster issue resolution.

The platform supports the entire managed services life-cycle, from designing to building, integrating and running services, with autonomic operations and augmented subject matter expertise.

By adding a cognitive insight, the platform takes automation from simple repetitive tasks to more complex tasks, which previously required human intervention, including:

  • continuous compliance

  • autonomous governance

  • self-service and automated provisioning


Elements of IBM Services Platform with Watson:

  1. The platform utilizes IBM’s Data Lake, built on systems operational data curated from IBM’s over 30 years of services experience in data intensive industries, like banking, airlines, and retail. It serves as the data foundry for the platform.

  2. Client Insights Dashboard allows a client to have real-time access and visibility to their IT environment, which is continuously learning and improving.

  3. A set of automated service delivery capabilities, which support the design, management and optimization of IT environments.

  4. And finally at the core of the continuous feedback loop is Watson, which in this instance, serves as the insights engine of the platform that ingests structured and unstructured data, aggregates and analyzes the data, generates insights, directs automation and has learned to manage all aspects of a hybrid cloud infrastructure, end-to-end and increasingly can make informed decisions.


According to the press release, the IBM Services Platform with Watson is an open, standards-based platform that enables integration of advanced technologies, pervasive security and data privacy, and delivers the next generation of easily consumed cognitive IT services.

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