Inductive Automation Announces Changes to Ignition Cloud Edition Multi-Tenant and Ignition Edge Product Line

Author photo: Craig Resnick
ByCraig Resnick
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Inductive Automation made two important announcements regarding the company’s Ignition Cloud Edition and Ignition Edge products at its 2023 Ignition Community Conference.

Ignition Cloud Edition Multi-Tenant Licensing

Earlier this year, Inductive Automation released Ignition Cloud Edition, which is a fully hosted enterprise solution deployed on the Ignition Cloud EditionAWS and Azure cloud platforms. Now, the company announced it will remove the Ignition Cloud Edition license clause that prohibits multi-tenancy. This change, which is planned to take effect during Q4 2023, will allow customers to use Ignition Cloud Edition to build reusable, commercially viable multi-tenant applications.

Ignition Edge Product Line Simplification

Inductive Automation announced that it is streamlining its Ignition Edge product offerings while expanding the products’ capabilities with unlimited data. In Q4 2023, the number of Ignition Edge products will be reduced from five to two, which are Ignition Edge IIoT and Ignition Edge Panel. Both Ignition Edge IIoT and Ignition Edge Panel will have no limits on tags or device connections, and both will include MQTT Transmission capabilities.




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