LTTS Revitalizes Operational Efficiency

Author photo: Sharada Prahladrao
BySharada Prahladrao
Project Success Story

The Customer: A manufacturer of centrifugal compressors with multi-geography operations and global R&D facilities wanted to revitalize and make industrial operations more efficient. The customer was looking for a partner who would provide end-to-end design, analysis and validation of the centrifugal compressor as per specifications. LTTS (L&T Technology Services), with its proven experience and multi-vertical expertise in the industrial products domain was the selected partner.

What LTTS Enabled: LTTS designed a new 300 ton, 2-stage, inline type centrifugal compressor for the customer. This was done by enabling:

  • Aerosection layout creation, stack up analysis and casting simulation

  • Drive section motor layout and rotor design, motor housing design and coolant analysis

  • Final stage delivery for prototyping     

Operational Efficiency

The LTTS Edge: LTTS, with its industry-leading design, development and validation capabilities helped the customer comply with localization requirements and accelerate time to market. The customer was satisfied as LTTS has an extensive repository of reusable assets and a broad-based partner ecosystem that made the entire process cost-efficient. 

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