Market Outlook for Industrial Cloud Application Platforms with IoT

By Michael Guilfoyle

Industry Trends

Industrial cloud application platforms with IoT are the future of software…but can be confusing

Industrial cloud application platforms with IoT functionality provide a modern approach for developing and deploying software applications.  The approach is gradually displacing the older client/server model in which large, complex, monolithic applications were created and run.  Recently, the pace of this changeover is accelerating as more companies embrace the modern platform approach.

This has sparked a “platform vs. platform” competition in the marketplace. Some large suppliers seek to become the dominant platform ecosystem with the broadest library of third-party applications, often complemented by automation equipment and devices.  Other suppliers and smaller companies are trying to figure out just how they should compete in the emerging environment. 

industrial platformsThere is still quite a bit of confusion in the marketplace about these platforms.  Most of the confusion has to do with the simultaneous commercial emergence of both the Industrial IoT and these various platforms.  Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to distinguish the numerous solutions offered under the label of IoT platform. In particular, it can be quite challenging to separate IoT device connectivity platforms from cloud application platforms with IoT functionality, given that they can have overlapping functionality. A new market study  highlighting the latter is now available from ARC. 

ARC releases market study and TAM data on Industrial Cloud Application Platforms with IoT

ARC’s recent global market data and study on Industrial Cloud Application Platforms with Internet of Things includes the total available market (TAM) for 2017-2022 for these modern, microservices-based solutions. It also identifies market challenges for buyers and providers of these solutions, indicating what industrial sectors are having success with them and why.

The scope of research for this study examined platform capabilities through an industrial lens and considered five characteristics for inclusion:

  • Cloud environment
  • Development and run-time environment
  • Industrial Internet of Things management
  • Microservices and packaged industrial applications
  • Industrial application marketplace

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