MediaTek Releases 5G Reduced Capability Technology to Enable Low-Power IoT Solutions

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Leveraging its industry experience in 5G connectivity, Taiwan-based semiconductor company MediaTek has announced the expansion of its family of modems and chipsets to support the 5G Reduced Capability (RedCap) specification. The new solutions, 5G Reduced Capabilitythe M60 modem IP and the MediaTek T300 chipset series, will allow MediaTek to facilitate the transition to 5G-NR for a wide range of applications that require long lasting and efficient battery life, such as IoT modules, edge AI devices, wearables, lightweight Augmented Reality (AR) hardware.

5G Reduced Capability Benefits

The 5G RedCap specification is designed to bring the benefits of 5G to consumer, enterprise, and industrial devices that have lesser bandwidth requirements and stricter energy budgets. Taking advantage of the evolution of 5G networks to the Standalone (SA) network architecture, RedCap promises to deliver many of the benefits of 5G connectivity without the cost and complexity of typical 5G solutions.

IoT solutions utilizing the RedCap specification will have a democratizing effect on 5G, enabling a range of applications at lower price points. The technology bridges the gap between full-power cellular connectivity and low-power options such as NB-IoT.

MediaTek seeks to meet demands for efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for 5G-enabled devices across the consumer, enterprise, and industrial sectors. The MediaTek T300 series chipsets will sample in the first half of 2024, with commercial samples in the second half of 2024. 

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