Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Contact Image Sensors for Inspecting Surfaces of Diverse Objects in Production

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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that its new KD-CXF series of contact image sensors (CISs) equipped with the industry's deepest depth of field will launch this December beginning with the KD6R1064CXF-Contact Image SensorsNL model. 

CISs are widely used in manufacturing to inspect product surfaces for scratches, dirt, miscoloring or mispositioning of printed labels, plastic film, etc. Mitsubishi Electric's CIS lineup comprises compactly designed models for space-saving installations that eliminate the need to change production line layouts at points where inspections are most required, thus significantly minimizing installation costs. Also, the image sensor, lens, etc. are built into the CIS unit, eliminating the need for complicated installations and optical adjustments, thereby minimizing maintenance and servicing costs.

Until now, the limitation of a shallow depth of field has made it difficult for CIS units to clearly focus on and accurately inspect objects that have significant surface irregularities or if they are subjected to strong vibration while moving down a production line. The company's existing CIS models are only used to inspect objects with flat surfaces, such as paper and film, and objects not subjected to vibration during inspection.

The KD6R1064CXF-NL model being launched in the new KD series combines an Erecting equal-magnification lens array (rod lens array) with unique optical components to improve the depth of field to ±1.8mm, which is more than 3.6 times that of existing products. Image reading is clear even if the object has significant surface irregularities or vibrates.

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