Moxa Unveils New Private 5G Cellular Gateways

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Moxa Inc., a Taiwan-based supplier of industrial communications and networking products, has officially launched Private 5G Cellular Gatewaysthe CCG-1500 Series industrial 5G cellular gateways to enable private 5G in industrial applications. The CCG-1500 Series gateways provide 3GPP 5G connectivity for both Ethernet and serial devices to simplify industrial private 5G deployments, such as Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) applications in smart manufacturing and logistics, and unmanned truck fleets in mining.

Private 5G Celullar Gateways

The CCG-1500 Series gateways act as an ARM-based media and protocol converter with a built-in 5G/LTE module, leveraging the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System. Designed in collaboration with industry partners, these devices incorporate technologies and protocols to enable interoperability and compatibility with major 5G Radio Access Networks and 5G core networks from providers such as Ericsson, NEC, and Nokia.

The compact CCG-1500 Series gateways feature 5G speeds up to 920 Mbps and serial/Ethernet-to-5G conversion for private networks to bridge 5G systems with OT networks. Dual-SIM support provides carrier failover for increased reliability, and the two Gigabit ports and one serial port support robust connectivity.

Many critical industrial IoT devices, like sensors, controllers, IP cameras, and legacy assets, lack support for cellular connectivity. The CCG-1500 Series of cellular devices are positioned to backhaul Ethernet and serial traffic to a private 5G cellular network to fulfill the dynamic requirements of industrial networks.

The Series of cellular gateways are the product of close collaboration between Moxa and other players in the 5G ecosystem, including semiconductor and telecommunications giant Qualcomm.

CCG-1500 Series Highlights:

  • Supports global private 5G bands 

  • Supports serial/Ethernet-to-5G connectivity to speed up private 5G network deployments 

  • Cellular redundancy with dual-SIM support

  • 8-watt low power consumption under normal operating conditions 

  • Compact size and smart LED design

  • -40 to 70°C wide operating temperature


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