Radiflow Upgrades and Integrates Its OT Cybersecurity and Risk Management Solution Suite

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ByCraig Resnick
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Radiflow, a supplier of OT cybersecurity and risk management solutions and services, announced the release of its upgraded solution portfolio. The new version enables industrial and critical infrastructure operators to improve their security posture, Cybersecurity and Risk Managementoptimize the ROI of their cyber spend, and embark on an effective risk management program according to the requirements of the upcoming EU NIS2 Directive. In addition, the new version simplifies and centralizes the management of the entire solution suite, delivering more value to OT operators.

Coming into force later this year, NIS2 mandates that essential organizations deploy effective cybersecurity solutions that protect critical assets and operations. In addition, NIS2 requires adoption of an effective, ongoing risk management program that includes frequent, accurate risk assessments. The upgraded Radiflow solution suite helps organizations achieve these requirements.

Radiflow’s threat-detection platform, iSID, safeguards thousands of industrial settings, including maritime vessels, from cyber threats. The new version of iSID includes industry-specific network visibility and asset management capabilities, as well as alert-triage improvements for speed and effectiveness.

CIARA, the data-driven OT risk assessment and management solution, uses data collected by iSID to create a digital twin of the OT network, enabling it to run security simulations that measure risk to business and industrial processes. The new version of CIARA introduces state-of-the-art capabilities for enterprise security planning, allowing CISOs to optimize cybersecurity spending per site and across the entire OT estate. CIARA’s attack vector analysis is compatible with the MITRE ATT&CK Knowledge Base Version 14, which allows CISOs to analyze emerging threats to production crown jewels. CIARA’s speed and automation enable operators to conduct frequent, accurate risk assessments.

The new version of iCEN centralizes the monitoring and management of multiple  iSIDs, providing a unified view of OT assets, alerts, risk scores, and more from a single pane of glass. Integrating with CIARA, the results of risk assessments are displayed on the iCEN dashboard. In addition, iCEN delivers insights regarding trends over time, and it accurately prioritizes alerts for efficient processing and investigation.


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