Red Lion Controls Announces Crimson 3.1 Enhanced Features for OPC Unified Architecture

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Red Lion Controls announced new capabilities for their Crimson software, including an OPC UA Client driver with encrypted password support, OPC UA Historical Access, an MQTT connector for Google Cloud, and store and forward buffering for all Crimson cloud connectors.

While some OPC UA clients may only allow access to a preexisting list of data items, Crimson 3.1’s new OPC UA client driver is capable of capturing additional attributes, such as diagnostic and performance information, of a target OPC UA server’s data tags.  With this added capability, most Crimson 3.1-based devices can act as both OPC UA server and OPC UA client.

On devices with an SD card, Crimson’s MQTT connectors can be configured to buffer data within the device when a connection to the target platform is not available.  This feature can be set to indicate whether data should be buffered just to memory, or whether the device’s SD card should be used to provide further storage that will survive a power cycle, helping to enhance reliability and increase system resilience.

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