Red Lion Introduces NT4008 Ethernet Switch Series and Releases Expanded SixTRAK Line of Industrial RTUs

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Red Lion Introduces NT4008 Gigabit Layer 2 PROFINET Switches

Red Lion introduced its NT4008, a new 8-port Gigabit managed Industrial Ethernet switch series.  The NT4008 series switches are certified to meet PROFINET PNIO v2.34 Conformance Class-B standards to help ensure more seamless Ethernet switch seriesintegration into PROFINET networks using standard PLC configuration and management tools.

Red Lion’s NT4008 are UL Class 1, Division 2 and ATEX listed for use in hazardous and ordinary locations, ABS certified for shipboard applications and EN50155 certified for rail applications, helping to ensure more reliable operation in many environments.  The IP-30 metal DIN-Rail enclosures, redundant 12–58 VDC power inputs, wide -40 to 75°C operating temperature ranges, and up to 50G shock resistance design help the NT4008 to meet the requirements of more extreme industrial conditions.

With copper and fiber options in both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit configurations, as well as advanced security and traffic control, Red Lion’s NT4008 combines the power of PROFINET real-time data exchange with the performance and trusted reliability requirements of Red Lion’s solutions. 


Red Lion Releases Expanded SixTRAK Line of Industrial RTUs

Red Lion Controls announced the expansion of its SixTRAK line of industrial RTUs with the release of its ST-IPm-8460, powered by the Red Lion Workbench, which uses an IEC61131-3 compliant editor and runtime engine.  Targeted for applications that require increased processing and communication speed and storage, the new RTU is designed to meet the flexibility and reliability requirements of Red Lion’s solutions used to monitor and control equipment.  The ability of the ST-IPm-8460 to operate in harsh and hazardous locations is achieved through UL Class I, Div 2 certification, an ABS listing, and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 70°C.

The combination of ST-IPm-8460 and Red Lion Workbench can more easily support large, complex projects across multiple devices.  The Red Lion Workbench provides customized control, standard language support, debugging/monitoring tools, project automation, and controller redundancy.

Available for private labeling, the ST-IPm-8460 also offers dual power inputs and support for redundant Ethernet networks for increased uptime, while a multitude of communication ports and supported protocols help to enable connectivity to a variety of field devices.

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