Rockwell Automation Enhances QuickStick HT Intelligent Conveyor System Performance with New Inverter

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

The Rockwell Automation QuickStick HT intelligent conveyor system has been enhanced with a new QuickStick HT 5700 inverter to help increase performance.  It can now achieve velocities of 5+ m/s.  Additionally, the update allows for the use of a smaller Kinetix 5700 power supply, which helps to reduce the control cabinet size and save space on the plant floor.  The updated system also includes integrated functional safety.  It has hardwired Safe Torque Off and Safe Stop 1 timed, SIL3/PLe.

The QuickStick HT intelligent conveyor system is designed to transport large loads with the intelligence of independent cart technology.  The most common applications for the technology are in the automotive industry.  However, it is also suited for heavy-load material handling, ride conveyance and hazardous material handling, including glovebox applications.

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