Rockwell Automation Expands MES Applications to Help Increase Flexibility and Ease Entry to Smart Manufacturing

By Craig Resnick

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Rockwell Automation released a new suite of capabilities to help improve functionality across its portfolio of MES applications based on the FactoryTalk ProductionCentre platform. The portfolio includes FactoryTalk Production, FactoryTalk Performance, FactoryTalk Quality, and soon to be released FactoryTalk Warehouse applications.

The latest updates to FactoryTalk Production, FactoryTalk Performance, and FactoryTalk Quality applications provide a more simplified, visual drag-and-drop tool to help to build out new workflows, eliminate coding, enable quicker product changeovers, and allow more flexibility for new product introductions.

The FactoryTalk Quality application now also includes more user-friendly intuitive widgets. Based on choices made in setup, the application recommends pre-configured visual widgets, such as gauges or historical data charts, helping to speed time-to-value and reduce the cost of quality-management efforts.

New FactoryTalk Warehouse Application

The latest MES application, FactoryTalk Warehouse, helps to streamline warehouse logistics to allow faster, more precise inventory management and tracking capabilities ranging from goods receipt through stock records and goods issuing.

FactoryTalk Warehouse is designed to help improve logistics insight and control, which can benefit manufacturers looking to better manage raw-material lots, palette load tracking and work-in-progress (WIP) inventory while accessing sublot-level details, all synchronized with the company’s ERP system. With this information, personnel can better manage material levels in near real time, including forward and backward product genealogy. The FactoryTalk Warehouse application is scalable to fit individual deployment needs.

Increased Integration for Process Applications

An expanded, out-of-box integration tool in the FactoryTalk ProductionCentre MES application portfolio gives users access to more production data across systems, helping to reduce the barrier to entry for connected and smart manufacturing. Enterprise Integration Hub (EIHub) software helps to create a common connectivity method for enterprise applications and external IT systems. The application reviews incoming information from one system and transforms into the appropriate format and template for the receiving system. It also verifies information receipt or sends alerts for transmission failures to further streamline data translation across a Connected Enterprise.

Using EIHub, process manufacturers can connect FactoryTalk MES applications, including their DCS, LIMS, QMS, PLM, or CMMS systems and other databases. Through this supplier-agnostic integration, operators can transport batch-reporting parameters, GMP critical alarms for ‘review by exception,’ and consumption, production, and order-completion data. Pre-configured value packs in EIHub software also help to provide increased productivity for the discrete, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Expanded Delivery Options for MES ApplicationsMES Blog 8 24 17.jpg

Scalable MES applications are cloud-enabled, supporting centralized deployments in private, public and hybrid configurations. Rockwell Automation provides infrastructure-as-a-service offerings via pre-configured and managed industrial data centers and will soon provide SaaS offerings via the FactoryTalk Cloud platform.


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