Rockwell Automation Releases New Contactor Options For Additional Energy Savings

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Rockwell Automation has released an expanded Allen-Bradley Bulletin 100-E energy-saving IEC contactor line, designed to help industrial companies save energy and reduce engineering time.

With new sizes from 9 to 96 A, these contactors help to save energy by reducing inrush apparent power (VA) by up to 68 percent and sealed VA by over 75 percent compared to standard, non-electronic coils.  The electronic coils also can save engineering time by covering 20 to 500 V AC/DC coil voltages with only four coil options, helping to simplify selection.

The contactors allow coil input terminals to be moved from the line to the load side of the contactors without disassembly.  This can help to make wiring and access easier when building starter assemblies.  The contactors also offer a direct PLC interface option for contactors above 100A, as well as a full line of accessories, safety versions and reversing contactors.

All Allen-Bradley contactors are tested in combination with relevant motor overload relays and circuit breakers to provide two- or three-component motor starters. Using the online Global Short-Circuit Current Rating tool, users can obtain documentation certifying the compliance of specific product combinations to IEC and UL standards.


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