Rockwell Automation Releases Updated Studio 5000 Software to Help Reduce Machine Design Time

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Rockwell Automation announced the latest release of its Studio 5000 integrated development environment, designed to help get smart machines to market faster with enhanced security.  The software includes new digital design capabilities to help reduce machine design time, as well as testing and commissioning times. It also introduces CIP Security support to bring industry-grade security technologies into the automation space. 

To help accelerate design projects, the Studio 5000 Logix Designer application now uses an AutomationML open data exchange.  This allows the application to exchange data with engineering tools, such as EPLAN Electric P8. This helps users to design their system once and import that design data between tools, which can save rewriting and remapping work time for each project.

Also, a new Simulation Interface product uses the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) standard to allow data exchange with modeling software, such as MATLAB and Simulink. Users can leverage this to virtually test machines and help to resolve issues before commissioning, potentially reducing on-site delivery times.

Other improvements to the latest Studio 5000 software release include:

Enhanced Defense-in-Depth Security: The Studio 5000 software will allow companies to use CIP Security to better protect their industrial communications with greater authenticity, integrity and confidentiality.  The FactoryTalk Policy Manager tool, available in early 2019, will allow administrators to centrally manage secure communications policies within the Studio 5000 environment in compatible hardware.  This will help to enable a CIP securable device to defend itself against a network or communications attack.

Enhanced Usability: New support for 64-bit math in the Studio 5000 software can help users to be more precise in their calculations and applications.  New enhancements to Logix tag-based alarms, such as new instructions and greater alarm visibility, can also help users better optimize productivity by more quickly identifying and troubleshooting problems during production.

Library-Based Time Savings: New library links in the Studio 5000 Application Code Manager tool allow for the auto-creation of parent-child objects in design projects.  For example, a user can utilize this feature to more quickly create a tank and its associated valves all at once, instead of creating all tank and valve objects individually.  Library artifacts also help to allow users to add more content to library objects, such as user documentation.  This can help machine designers to create more efficient and consistent projects.

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