Schneider Electric Furthers SF6-free AirSeT MV Ranges for Greener Electric Distribution

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Schneider Electric has unveiled a complete preview of its latest sustainable, digital, AirSeT medium-voltage (MV) switchgear ranges. 

Schneider continues to develop and expand AirSeT ranges in line with its commitment to build a full SF6-free MV portfolio, and meet the switchgear rangesrequirements of different geographies and end-markets with sustainable MV switchgear. The gas-insulated (GIS) GM AirSeT MV is a primary GIS technology for electrical networks and demanding applications in industrial buildings and critical infrastructure. 

With a suite of digital functionalities, GM AirSeT delivers greater performance and efficiency across an extended operational lifetime of the electrical system. Those include smart pressure monitoring, environmental monitoring, circuit breaker and 3-position disconnector monitoring, and substation monitoring.

Designed for industry and utilities, GM AirSeT joins other Schneider Electric SF6-free medium voltage solutions contributing to the global fight against climate change, including:

  • RM AirSeT – a gas-insulated (GIS) Ring Main Unit (RMU) equipping grid operators with a tool to help decarbonize and modernize the grid while enabling electric distribution utilities to improve operational performance and reliability
  • SM AirSeT – designed specifically for secondary power distribution applications using air-insulated switchgear 

Schneider Electric’s pure air MV technology has a full range of data-powered native capabilities, which monitors the performance of electrical distribution applications and will enable preventive condition-based and predictive maintenance. 

The embedded smart sensors enable users to monitor their operations remotely. Data is fed into cloud-based analytics tools such as those offered by EcoStruxure to provide actionable insights. The native digital capabilities are available on Schneider’s future-focused ranges, including MCSet Active as well as SM, RM, and GM AirSeT Active.

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