Schneider Electric Launches Materialize Program for Scope 3 Decarbonization of Natural Resources

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ByCraig Resnick
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Schneider Electric launched Materialize, a supply chain decarbonization program designed to help support companies in the metals and minerals sector to reduce carbon emissions across their global supplier base. 

Decarbonization of Natural Resources

As the world transitions to net-zero emissions and scales up clean energy technologies, demand for minerals and metals will continue to grow exponentially. To help meet this demand without furthering carbon emissions, it is vital that companies collaborate to decarbonize their power supply, to help mitigate the environmental impact of the energy-intensive processes related to these critical resources, and to help reduce the sector’s Scope 3 emissions.

Materialize is a continuation of Schneider Electric’s suite of supply chain decarbonization programs from its Sustainability Business' consulting division, which helps to leverage the power of the supply chain for renewable energy procurement at scale. The Materialize program is designed to help encourage the wider value chain to transition to renewable energy sources by further accelerating the deployment of decarbonization projects and software, helping to improve access for suppliers to renewable energy solutions at scale, such as power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Lowering emissions is a challenging task due to the complexity of the value chain, data availability and reliability, and the difficulties in defining the breadth of the sector’s Scope 3 emissions. Suppliers often lack the expertise in decarbonization and can face barriers to progress, such as solution costs and availability. Through Materialize, experts from Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Business can simultaneously engage multiple industry suppliers through digital technology platforms and guide them on helping to remove such barriers. 

Materialize also has the potential to offer industries outside of this sector with a way to help decarbonize their broader supply chain ecosystems. by sourcing materials from suppliers who prioritize sustainable and low-carbon production methods.

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