Schneider Electric Releases Uninterruptible Power Supply for The Home

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Schneider Electric announced the release of its Back-UPS BE Series – 900 & 1050 VA. These uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) come with an increased power capacity from 850 to 900VA and a new 1050VA offering.

Uninterruptible Power Supply for The Home

Helping to ensure uninterrupted connectivity to a home network to help meet the demands of remote work, which requires constant access to hardware devices, such as computers, routers, and modems. Essential smart home devices, such as security cameras and baby monitors also rely heavily on this connectivity. Power disruptions, whether from surges, spikes, or lightning are mostly eliminated with the Back-UPS BE Series, which provides instant battery backup and surge protection to the electronic devices in the home.

Along with an updated look and feel through a new design crafted with the modern home and workspace in mind, the Back-UPS BE Series includes these features: 

  • Uninterrupted Internet Connection: Over 100 minutes of runtime for network devices when power is outside expected levels.

  • More Compact and Versatile design: The stackable surface allows for the stacking of electronic devices on top of the UPS to help maximize space. 

  • More Convenient Charging & Battery Replacement: Users can charge mobile devices and tablets via two USB (Type A + Type C) charging ports. It also features a battery that is more easily replaced by the user at home.

  • Easier-to-understand User Interface: The power button displays different colors to signal UPS status: green when operating normally, yellow when it needs attention, and red when overloaded or the battery must be replaced. A mute button also allows the user to temporarily silence low-battery alarms. 

  • Built-in Sustainability: Packaged sustainably and with an energy efficiency of 99%, it has met ENERGY STAR UPS Version 2.0 specifications and complies with the Department of Energy's Energy Conservation Standards for UPS, as well as the European Union’s REACH standards and RoHS directive. The 900/1050VA line comes with PowerChute Serial Shutdown, an energy monitoring and configuration software that can help users save on their utility bills. 

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