Schneider Electric Unveils Resi9 Energy Center Retrofit Innovation for Prosumer Homes

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ByCraig Resnick
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Schneider Electric launched its Resi9 Energy Center, a retrofit solution in the French market that enables more secure electrical installations equipped with new energy inputs and loads. This new solution marks a major advancement for Schneider Electric in energy management, offering more enhanced safety, efficiency, and sustainability to help meet the demands of the evolving energy landscape.

The Resi9 Energy Center can serve as a major upgrade to the traditional electrical panel, helping to address the challenges posed by the new energy landscape.

New era of the electrical panel

It is important for safety, and for efficacy of energy efficiency measures, that homes are equipped with the appropriate electrical panel for the demands of today and the future, yet there is often little awareness that becoming a prosumer or adding larger loads, such as EV chargers, could render the existing electrical panel as no longer safe or fit for purpose.

Innovation for Prosumer Homes

Today. Schneider Electric’s latest innovation in electrical safety and efficiency brings the electrical panel into the spotlight. The Resi9 Energy Center more seamlessly integrates with existing electrical panels, making it a good option for retrofit and renovation projects. Equipped with newly designed for purpose hardware and software, the Resi9 Energy Center provides more enhanced security in the supply of electricity through various sources and its safe distribution to all electrical loads, including electric vehicles and heat pumps. While also enabling sustainable control and customization through Schneider Electric's all-in-one Home Energy Management app, Wiser.

Managing energy in the home becomes more effortless with the Resi9 Energy Center and the Wiser Home Energy Management System. From charging electric vehicles during off-peak hours to further maximizing solar energy utilization, the Wiser Home Energy Management app puts these capabilities more at the forefront, offering real-time insights, savings tracking, and progress monitoring toward a more self-sufficient home all in one more user-friendly platform.

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