Siemens Launches the New Simotics XP 1MB Flame-Proof LV Motors

By David Cao

Company and Product News

Siemens launched the new member of Siemens Simotics XP explosion-proof series LV AC motors, flameproof series. The 1MB series flameproof LV motor accurately aims at the application environment in the hazardous air area. The construction design strictly enforces the explosion standards of China and Europe, Ex d IIC T4 Gb explosion-proof grade. The motor can be widely used in chemical industry. Inflammable explosive applications such as refineries, drilling platforms, gas stations, feed manufacturers and sewage treatment plants.

Simotics XP 1MB low voltage flameproof series motor can be installed in a variety of ways and covers three protection levels, IP55, IP56 and IP65, with the central height ranging from 80 to 355 mm and power ranging from 0.55 to 400 kW. Simotics XP 1MB low voltage flameproof series motor reaches the efficiency class IE3 of IEC 60034-30, which is in accordance with Grade 2 efficiency standard of China GB18613-2012. The motor is of adequate modular design options. For example, the connection box can be placed on the top, the left or right. The cable entry can meet different demands as hoop gland is mostly used in China while overseas markets cable gland. Additionally, Simotics XP 1MB low voltage flameproof series motor has several kinds of winding protection, which conforms to a wide variety of different kinds of voltage and frequency selection in other regions and countries, and can meet the needs of various customers.

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