Siemens Product Announcements for ACHEMA 2018

By David Humphrey

Company and Product News

Prior to ACHEMA, the World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries, being held on 11 - 15 June 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Siemens released two product announcements.  One is for the Sirius 3RQ2, a new range of coupling relays, and the other is the Scalance M804PB Industrial Router.

The Sirius 3RQ2 Universal Coupling Relays with User-Friendly Connection and Wide-Range Input

Sirius 3RQ2 from Siemens is a new range of coupling relays with truly universal application scope. With their minimal mounting depth of 90 millimeters and wide-range power supply from 24 to 240 volts AC/DC, these relays are available in variants with between one and three changeover contacts. The Sirius 3RQ2 coupling relays are replacing the 3RS18 series, but with a drastically reduced number of variants due to the availability of a wide-range input. Use of the same terminal assignment and minimization of the variant options makes changeover to the new Sirius 3RQ2 coupling relay series both fast and simple to implement. The new relays are also designed for optimum coordination with Simatic S7 controllers and Sirius contactors. Typical applications include galvanic isolation, signal amplification and voltage conversion, for instance from 24 V DC to 230 V AC, as well as overvoltage and EMC protection for control systems. The Sirius 3RQ2 variants with hard gold-plated contacts for switching currents in the lower milliampere ranges are particularly suited for PLC inputs and outputs.

With its new, high-grade industrial-duty enclosure in titanium gray design, the new Sirius 3RQ2 coupling relay series blends in visually with the rest of the Sirius relay family. The user-friendly connection methods available offer a range of benefits such as simpler handling, installation, servicing and wiring. Connection is made particularly convenient by the large terminal cross-section of up to four square millimeters and permanent wiring with removable screw-type or spring-type (push-in) terminals. The terminal covers are labeled to simplify wiring assignment, and a DataMatrix code enables easy access to services and support. An extensive array of international standards and certifications such as CE, UL/CSA and EAC makes the new coupling relay ideal for wide-ranging uses including railway applications.


The Scalance M804PB Industrial Router for Secured Remote Access to Plants and Machines with Profibus

Siemens is extending its portfolio of industrial routers with the Scalance M804PB.  This device allows existing machines and plants (for example with Simatic S7-300/S7-400) to be connected to Ethernet networks via Profibus/MPI (Multi-Point Interface). Users can also easily and economically connect older machines and plants directly to the Sinema Remote Connect management platform for remote networks. Secured communication takes place via a VPN tunnel which can be easily configured and administered via Sinema Remote Connect. The Scalance M804PB extends the proven Scalance router product line and provides a consistent remote maintenance concept for existing and new plants. This makes it suitable for companies in the manufacturing industry such as mechanical equipment manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers / OEMs) as well as for companies in the automotive, food & beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The device has integrated TIA Portal cloud connector functionality. This allows users to easily access existing Profibus units from centrally administered engineering tools such as the TIA Portal or Step 7 (from version 5.5). The Scalance M804PB is a Profibus/MPI router for private, wired networks even with existing two-wire cabling. In addition to a Profibus/MPI connection, it also has two RJ45 interfaces in the form of a fast Ethernet two-port switch. It also has a C-Plug/Key-Plug slot. The Scalance M804PB supports VLAN, Firewall/VPN (IPsec)/NAT, OpenVPN (as client), VRRP/RSTP and can be configured for CLI and SNMP via web-based management tools. Download and upload data rates of 9.6 Kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s can be achieved on the Profibus/MPI interface. The redundant supply voltage is DC 24 V. Mounting options include wall mounting, DIN rails and S7-300 or S7-1500 profile rails.

The Scalance M804PB Profibus/MPI router has the same user interface and comparable performance characteristics as the Scalance M-800 and S615 product line as it is based on the same firmware. This provides easy handling and compatibility with existing systems (for example, the Simatic portfolio, network management software etc.). For example, with the Scalance M804PB, digital input and output allow on-site access control via key switches.



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