Signs of Intelligent Pumps and IIoT Are There if You Look For Them

By Tim Shea

Industry Trends

After reading the January 2016 issue of Pumps & Systems magazine (digital version not yet available) titled “State of the Industry. Global Outlook. Pump Market Insights for 2016”, it was encouraging to see that in the article “What’s on your Mind? (pages 48 to 51), some of the industry leaders voicing their thoughts about the outlook for 2016 talked about issues related to IIoT directly or in spirit. An executive from Flowserve directly cited The Internet of Things (IoT) as one of the key drivers for the pump industry as it moves into the future, saying “Ultimately, the IoT will take the collection, dissemination, and analysis of this data to the next level and help generate significant improvements in process uptime and availability, which will in turn help drive profitability and performance”. Coincidentally, Flowserve was one of the suppliers covered in ARC’s Intelligent Pumps for the Digital Oilfield global market study.

An executive from IDEX Corporation was quoted as stating the following, “Similar to what the automotive industry experienced in the late 20th century, the pumping industry is in the midst of an electronic revolution. …The notion of unattended pumps running in remote locations, connect to a network that can monitor their performance and regulate their output (based on changing environmental conditions) is no longer a fiction. … (Smart Pumps) are also increasing their market size with the potential for retrofit opportunities they are creating.”

An executive with Schneider Electric talked about ‘system efficiency’ guidelines being considered and mentioned that “potential enhancement to pump systems, related to energy solutions, have to do with system monitoring to ensure energy savings and can provide feedback on pump system performance to provide predictive/preventative maintenance alarms – all of which can result in both enhanced system performance and significant operational cost savings, especially due to the remote location of so many pumps.” Coincidentally, Schneider Electric was covered in ARC’s Artificial Lift Optimization global market study that covered seven different pump types.

It is encouraging to see suppliers embracing IIoT related solutions since that typically means they are listening to their customers who may not be calling specifically for IIoT but are asking for solutions to their operational problems and challenges for which IIoT enabled solutions can bring about many benefits.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a more prosperous and productive 2016!!

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