SUPCON Celebrates 30th Anniversary and Hosts IMPACTS Industry Conference in Hangzhou

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SUPCON Celebrates 30th Anniversary

From November 23rd to 24th, SUPCON’s 30th Anniversary Celebration and IMPACTS Industry Conference were successfully held in Hangzhou. Many government leaders, academicians, industry experts, representatives of IMPACTS Industry Conferenceadvanced enterprises, and authoritative media attended the conference.

On November 23rd, at the SUPCON 30th Anniversary Celebration Conference, Prof. Chu Jian, the founder of SUPCON, said, “SUPCON has come out of a road of the combination of scientific research and industry.  Looking back on SUPCON’s 30 years of development, the struggle has always been the source of strength for SUPCONers, and innovation has always been SUPCON’s strong gene.” Otherwise, he hoped SUPCON could continue to adhere to five aspects:

  1. Create value for customers and society

  2. Do the right and tough things

  3. Stay focused and be reliable

  4. Keep passionate and pursuit excellence

  5. Maintain open and foster cooperation ecosystem

IMPACTS Industry Conference

On November 24th, the IMPACTS Industry Conference hosted by SUPCON was successfully concluded. The conference's central theme was “Intelligent, Green and Safe” which focuses on the evolution of global industrial digitalization, technology development, ecological co-construction, and other topics. In addition, SUPCON has set up an off-site exhibition area to promote and display research results and products. Nearly 1,000 people attended the conference, and hundreds of thousands watched the live broadcast online.

SUPCON Proposed “1+2+N”Smart Enterprise Architecture

At the conference, SUPCON creatively proposed a new Smart Enterprise Architecture of “1+2+N”, including “1” plant operating system, “2” automation (process automation and business automation), and “N” industrial apps to provide a clear path for the construction of future smart enterprises. George Cui Shan, Chairman & CEO of SUPCON Technology, pointed out that the new model has created massive value for customers and has been recognized by more and more companies. It has been applied in over 4,000 sets and is rapidly replicated and promoted in various industries.

In addition, SUPCON also released three new products: intelligent Operation Management & Control System (OMC) 2.0, the Advanced Process Engineering Expert (APEX) 2.0, and Perception of Readable Instruments, Devices and Equipment (PRIDE). Among them, the OMC 2.0 system serves as the “control base” to analyze and judge various production conditions and issue optimization instructions to achieve independent response, independent management, and independent operation of the plant.

APEX 2.0 serves as the “model base” to achieve design optimization, production optimization, and operation optimization.

The PRIDE1.0 serves as the “perception base” and realizes observable, measurable, and comprehensive perception of the production process through the interconnection of the entire plant equipment and can predict and warn potential risks.

New models and new products are the embodiment of SUPCON’s innovative capabilities. The company supports technological innovation by increasing investment in R&D and building R&D platforms. In 2022, SUPCON’s R&D personnel accounted for 34.2% of the total number of employees, and R&D investment increased by 39.38% year-on-year, much higher than similar companies.

SUPCON’s global layout

SUPCON started its overseas business since the beginning of the 20th century, and currently, it's striving to enhance its overseas reputation, expand partners in various regions, and create an international business ecosystem. SUPCON has completed the registration and operation of many localized companies in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries and has gradually expanded to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and other regions.

In addition, SUPCON has also actively strengthened cooperation with international groups, such as Saudi Aramco, Shell, Exxon Mobil, BASF, Thailand EGAT, etc., and has been recognized by high-end customers worldwide. Currently, SUPCON has 6,000 employees and 29,000 customers worldwide, with businesses covering more than 50 countries and regions.

ARC was invited to attend the conference and share its views

The ARC Advisory Group was invited to participate in this event. Bob Gill, ARC General Manager of Southeast Asia, delivered a keynote speech on “Digital Transformation Trends in the Process Industry” and participated in a roundtable titled “Strengthening the Innovation Chain and Empowering the Industrial Chain.”

In the plenary session, Bob Gill shared ARC’s views on the challenges and trends facing the process industry from a global perspective. He elaborated on the changes those new technologies have brought to the manufacturing industry. Also, he analyzed the investment status of Asian companies in different technical fields, among which “PLC”, “DCS" and “Control Valves” ranked in the top three. In addition, Bob introduced the technical practices of overseas companies and encouraged Chinese companies to use new technologies (especially Artificial Intelligence and LLM) to improve product quality, optimize production efficiency, reduce production costs, improve digitalization levels, and maintain competitive advantages.

During the roundtable session, focused on the topic of “How Chinese companies develop supply chains overseas and create innovation ecosystems”, Bob Gill took a Korean automobile company as an example and shared in detail why the company chose to set up a branch in Singapore. He said that Singapore generally places core enterprises, solution providers, research institutions, and universities in the same industrial park to support enterprises in building industrial chain ecosystems and innovation ecosystems. Finally, he said there is a big gap between Southeast Asia and China in terms of technological innovation level, and the Southeast Asian market will become an essential opportunity for the globalization of Chinese companies. Bob’s views won rounds of applause from the audience and resonated with the experts present.

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