Sustainable Future: Innovations & Insights with Mitch Kominsky, Founder of Futureland Ventures

Author photo: Jim Frazer
ByJim Frazer

Join us on a fascinating journey of innovation and sustainability with Mitch Kominsky, Founder and General Partner at Future Land Ventures, as we delve deep into a world of sustainable future possibilities. In this episode, we journey through Mitch's multifaceted career, explore the core theme that has guided his professional trajectory, and discuss the convergence of connectivity and sustainability.


In our conversation, we address the question: What does it mean to be sustainable? Here, we unravel the three pillars of sustainability - natural, social, and economic. We probe into how corporations perceive and implement sustainability and even investigate its intriguing role within the trucking industry.

Mitch’s experience in standards development takes center stage, additionally, we discuss the challenges of ensuring pedestrian safety in a world of automated vehicles and delve into AI's growing role in the energy transition. In particular we discuss, how will AI shape our cars and energy use in the future? How does it impact the safety and social considerations of emerging micro-mobility solutions like electric scooters?

We then shift our attention to the VC space, highlighting where the real innovation is happening. We touch upon electric trucking, carbon capture, the trials of electric vehicles, and even street lighting. It's all about sustainability, resilience, and connectivity.

 We continue with a discussion about why Future Land Ventures is passionate about 'big solutions' and learn about the companies that are making waves with transformative solutions to problems like California wildfires. Mitch's interest in the insurance industry leads us to an intriguing discussion on how insurers may deal with climate challenges and the role of novel technologies.

 As we wrap up, Mitch leaves us with some thought-provoking final comments and provides his contact information for any listeners inspired by our journey through the landscapes of sustainability and innovation. Dive into this enlightening episode and gain a deeper understanding of our world's sustainable future!



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