TCS IUX for Sustainability Interview with Suman Mahalanabis & ARC's Larry O'Brien

Author photo: Larry O'Brien
ByLarry O'Brien


ARC recently sat down with Suman Mahalanabis, director of product management for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), to talk about the increasing role of sustainability in manufacturing and how new IoT-enabled systems can help end users reach their sustainability targets while providing a unified environment for things like reporting, visualization, and advanced decision-making capabilities.

TCS does this through their Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) platform, which is part of a new class of supervisory systems that can integrate data from various disparate systems and applications within the enterprise to create a unified and holistic environment that enables users to see the true performance of the entire enterprise. With regulatory reporting and other sustainability requirements looming large for many end users today, finding a system that can tie all your sustainability-related metrics together into a unified environment will be necessary. TCS IUX also provides users with AI and ML-enabled tools to make more intelligent sustainability-related decisions.

Sustainability requirements are not just driven by regulations, they are driven by things like investor demands and customer demands. End users will need flexible and adaptive software platforms to help them orchestrate the changes and decisions that must be made. Watch our webcast and learn more about key sustainability challenges facing industry and infrastructure. You can watch the webinar below on ARC's YouTube Channel, or you can listen to the ARC Sustainability Podcast audio-only version here


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Go to TCS’ Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) Platform for additional information. 


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