Turnkey Development of Ruggedized Tablet by LTTS Benefits Public Safety Officers

Author photo: Sharada Prahladrao
By Sharada Prahladrao
Project Success Story

Client Profile: Emerging technologies have been transforming law enforcement in a big way. One such Ruggedized Tabletdisruption is the increased adoption of handhelds to enhance the productivity and efficiency of public safety officers. A North American company wanted to develop a solution to combat issues posed by bulky laptops and increase the agency’s operational visibility and agility. The client chose LTTS (L&T Technology Services) to help them develop a ruggedized tablet, as LTTS has prior experience in development of similar products for law enforcement agencies and established credentials in new product development (NPD) projects. 

Understanding the Challenges: The key challenges were:

  • Low audio quality and poor performance of the current systems were limiting the productivity of public safety officers
  • Repeated device failure because of low battery life and harsh climatic conditions
  • Program challenges in terms of volume manufacturing and deployment under a short span of time

LTTS’ Approach and Solution: LTTS undertook the complete design, development, and validation of the smart, rugged public safety device with full ownership of platform software development, platform bring-up, feature development, testing, and prototype development. The enterprise-grade tablet has the following features:

  • An optically bonded sunlight-readable display with 20 percent improved efficiency
  • High audio quality with two microphones and an amplifier with noise and echo cancellation algorithm
  • Customized apps for data and voice security in uncompromising mission-critical situations
  • In-vehicle assistance support

The tablet is designed to act as a remotely configured device management solution for complete control of public address (PA), siren, light, and other applications in a cop car. LTTS also:

  • Developed a ruggedized cradle and mount with a generic ethernet switch, standard USB type A connector (USB 2.0), and headset jack connector
  • Offered product certification, and post-deployment TAC L2/L3 support including OS upgrade

Quantifiable Business Benefits: The client realized significant cost savings as LTTS developed the entire product roadmap and partnered with key tablet manufacturers to support low volume manufacturing and deployment. Other benefits:

  • MIL 810 G and IP56 rated durability with increased durability and lifetime capable of withstanding 100G shock, 1.2 M drop, and extreme climate
  • 95 percent+ yield rate due to continuous process improvement
  • Faster computing performance with improved ease of use and speedy data access

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