Webinar Demystifying the Digital Transformation for the Water and Wastewater Industry

Author photo: Constanze Schmitz
ByConstanze Schmitz

Event Type:  Webinar with ARC Advisory Group and Schneider Electric

Date December: 14, 2023              Location: Online @2 PM CET

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Global water usage has increased by a factor of six over the past 100 years and is expected to continue growing steadily at a rate of 1 percent per year, as a result the current water supply capabilities would only cover 60 percent of the estimated demand by 2030. Thus, the water and wastewater sector sees itself confronted with challenges on many levels, ranging from the effects of climate change to the required compliance with relevant regulations. The situation is aggravated by aging infrastructure, lack of qualified personnel and outdated water management strategies. 

Digital transformation technologies can help water utilities and municipalities to better understand supply and demand patterns, Digital Transformationidentify inefficiencies and opportunities for the optimization of water usage. This will allow them to reduce water losses, implement water reuse and circular economy principles at every level, and develop effective water management strategies. These technologies can also help provide real-time monitoring of water quality, enabling rapid response to water quality issues and emergencies while tracking water needs and quality and empowering the workforce. Yet, recent research shows that currently only 27 percent of utilities are leveraging the necessary data collection. 

In our upcoming webinar, we are looking into the digital challenges and opportunities for the sector, discussing strategies, technologies and use cases. With the help of experts from Schneider Electric we aim to demystify the digital transformation for the water and wastewater industry.

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