Yokogawa Adds New Functions to its Integrated Production Control System

By Shin Kai

Company and Product News

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that it has added new functions to the CENTUM VP integrated production control system and will release it as CENTUM VP R6.06 on July 17.  CENTUM VP is the core product in the OpreX Control and Safety System family of solutions.

The enhancements to CENTUM VP R6.06 include the addition of support for Windows Server 2016, a modification that enables Field Control Station (FCS) programs to be upgraded with minimal interruption to operations, and the addition of a function to the Automation Design Suite (AD Suite) integrated engineering environment that allows minor modifications to be made to applications software during witness inspections.  This improves engineering efficiency and helps customers improve productivity.

Enhancements of the new version is as follows:

  1. Updating of software while FCS is operating

Work that would normally have to wait several years until the Shut Down Maintenance (SDM) period can now be done at a time of the customer's own choosing.  This is possible because of modifications to the CENTUM VP software that enable a smoother switchover between the dual-redundant control-side and standby-side CPU modules.  This both improves uptime and allows users to freely choose when to install upgrades. In addition, Yokogawa has enhanced its support organization to ensure that its customers receive all necessary technical support with their system maintenance activities. With this new version of CENTUM VP, downtime is eliminated, productivity is enhanced, and users are able to take advantage of the latest control technologies.

  1. Ability to quickly perform minor modifications to applications software

Originally developed by Yokogawa for use with CENTUM VP R6.01, the AD Suite integrated engineering environment greatly improves the efficiency of engineering throughout the plant lifecycle.  For this latest version of CENTUM VP, modifications have been made to AD Suite that give users the ability to quickly and easily implement modifications to application control logic and alarm attributes.  Such modifications to system software can be immediately executed with the single action of clicking on an icon on the editor screen.  This function greatly reduces the amount of time needed to make such modifications, and users are able to choose whether to implement changes singly or in groups. 

  1. Compatible with the latest server operating system

CENTUM VP R6.06 is compatible with Windows Server 2016, which delivers the latest security functions.

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