Yokogawa to Release ProSafe-RS Lite, an SIL2 Version of the ProSafe Safety Instrumented System

By Shin Kai

Company and Product News

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced the development and the late January 2021 release of ProSafe-RS Lite, a safety integrity level 2 (SIL2) version of the ProSafe series safety instrumented system.  ProSafe is a core product of the OpreX Control and Safety System family.

With the addition of ProSafe-RS Lite, Yokogawa's portfolio of safety instrumented systems will cover all risk reduction levels from SIL2 to SIL4, allowing customers a greater range of choices in their selection of a safety instrumented system that meets installation cost and site SIL requirements.

A ProSafe-RS Lite system can be configured from controllers, an extensive variety of I/O modules, communication modules, and peripheral devices. Key features include as follows:

  1. SIL2 with a single module configuration

Unlike the many safety instrumented systems on the market that meet the SIL2 requirement by multiplexing modules, ProSafe-RS Lite accomplishes this with a single module configuration. In addition to reducing engineering and other installation costs, this holds down the cost of operating and maintaining the system. Furthermore, the use of a dual-redundant module configuration ensures that the system can maintain SIL2 level performance and remain operational even if a module fails.

  1. Integration with control systems

ProSafe-RS Lite can be integrated with the CENTUM VP integrated production control system and the ProSafe-RS system, allowing operators at CENTUM VP human machine interface (HMI) stations to monitor in a unified manner the safety instrumented systems that control emergency shutdowns systems, fire prevention and extinguishing systems, boilers, and other facilities. One benefit of this is that operators have immediate access to all the alarms generated by safety instrumented systems, ensuring a prompt response in the event of an emergency.

  1. Ease of adding an SIL2 system to existing systems

ProSafe-RS Lite supports the same control bus (Vnet/IP) as CENTUM VP and ProSafe-RS. It is therefore easy to add ProSafe-RS Lite to systems that have been built using Vnet/IP. Furthermore, the ProSafe-RS safety engineering tool can be used with ProSafe-RS Lite, which eliminates the need to install and learn new tools.

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