ZEDEDA and Emerson Expand Relationship to Modernize the Industrial Edge

Author photo: Harry Forbes
ByHarry Forbes
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ZEDEDA, a leader in edge orchestration, announced a strategic investment from Emerson Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Emerson, a global technology, software and automation provider. The move Industrial Edgeextends the relationship between the two companies, as Emerson is also a ZEDEDA customer.

Emerson’s solution integrates ZEDEDA’s edge management and orchestration offer into its DeltaV automation system, enabling Emerson customers to extend DeltaV to the distributed edge. This expansion will deliver enhanced OT solutions while also continuing into the IT environment, providing software-defined automation and revolutionizing how customers can deploy and connect workloads within their distributed environments.

ZEDEDA’s solution is deployed within Fortune 500 companies across verticals, such as manufacturing, automotive, energy, and retail. The company has quadrupled its number of nodes under management since 2021 and recently closed $26 million in Series B funding.

Harry Forbes, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “Emerson’s investment follows investments in ZEDEDA by Rockwell Automation and several others.  These investments illustrate the appeal of a managed and standardized software execution environment both at the industrial edge and in future process and factory automation systems.”

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