ZEDEDA Launches Kubernetes-as-a-Service for the Distributed Edge

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By Chantal Polsonetti
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Containerized workloads at the edge are exploding.  As a result, organizations increasingly need to deploy Kubernetes to run these containerized workloads and applications at the edge. Deploying Kubernetes at the edge is challenging, however, because it was built for centralized data centers and scale-out clouds and not for inherently Kubernetes-as-a-Serviceconstrained and distributed edge environments. 

ZEDEDA, the edge infrastructure orchestration provider, announced ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service, a fully managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service for the distributed edge that allows instant, secure, and cost-efficient deployment of Kubernetes infrastructure at the distributed edge, The new fully managed service includes a Kubernetes runtime that is curated, managed, and supported by ZEDEDA, as well as integrations with industry-leading orchestrators.

ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service is a fully managed service that simplifies Kubernetes deployments at the edge, allowing customers to focus on their applications instead of managing and maintaining the underlying infrastructure. The new service eliminates the struggles typically associated with Kubernetes deployments at the edge, such as highly remote or distributed locations, constrained devices, unreliable security, lack of skilled IT personnel in the field, and undependable network connectivity. ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service enables organizations to deploy and run Kubernetes infrastructure at the distributed edge remotely, securely, and cost-efficiently.

ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service Provides Full Lifecycle-Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes is now regarded as the default choice for overseeing the management of containerized applications in typical IT environments.  ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service provides full lifecycle-managed Kubernetes, including a runtime curated, managed, and supported by ZEDEDA.  The service is designed to reduce the cost of managing and orchestrating distributed edge infrastructure and applications while increasing visibility, security and control even for air-gapped environments. The new service integrates with and supports industry-leading orchestrators, including Avassa, Rafay, Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher, and VMware Tanzu.

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