ARC has been providing market research on the industrial cybersecurity for many years. Here are some insights on emerging technologies, practices, and processes for enhancing cybersecurity in industrial operations.


Bob Gill — Company and Product News

Singapore Launches Open Source Toolkit to Address Generative AI Risk

A testing toolkit for addressing security and safety challenges associated with the use of large language models (LLMs) was announced during the Asia Tech x Singapore event on 31 May, is an example of the city-state’s commitment to harnessing the power of the global open-source Toolkit to Address Generative AI Risk
Chantal Polsonetti — Acquisition or Partnership

Open-Source Software Community Unites to Build CRA-Compliant Cybersecurity Processes

The Apache Software Foundation, Blender Foundation, OpenSSL Software Foundation, PHP Foundation, Python Software Foundation, Rust Foundation, and Eclipse Foundation jointly announced their intention to collaborate on establishment of common specifications for secure software development based on CRA-Compliant Cybersecurity Processes