Market Intelligence and Rapid Analysis (MIRA) Services

For more than three decades, ARC has been recognized globally for our detailed market analyses and unrivaled accuracy.  With the launch of our new Market Intelligence and Rapid Analysis (MIRA) Services, ARC has taken the next step in our mission statement of helping technology suppliers and users optimize their operations.  MIRA Services help unlock the full benefits of ARC’s market intelligence, making the data more actionable for you by adding qualitative context to our market data.  The powerful self-service analysis capabilities, combined with our unrivaled data accuracy, make MIRA Services unlike any other solution on the market.  

ARC analysts monitor the key technologies, vertical industries, and regional trends impacting the global ARC MIRA Servicesbusiness environment on an ongoing basis.  We also perform a full analysis of the critical CAPEX, EBIT, Revenue, and Asset trends on a quarterly basis to ensure the market outlooks we provide are based on the latest demand-side data available.  Furthermore, ARC analysts poll thousands of industry executives within the key technology suppliers participating in our markets on an annual basis to gain greater insights into the current market size, competition, and technology adoption trends.  This ongoing in-depth analysis enriches ARC’s MIRA services with a level of insight unrivaled in the market. 

These market insights are delivered as annual subscription services in an online environment unique to each customer, together with all necessary user interface apps and datasets.  MIRA Services also provide clients the ability to export the results of their customized datasets and the accompanying visuals to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF format.  ARC continues to offer our traditional static MIRA Market Analysis Reports (MARs) as a PDF and/or Excel Workbook. 

Please contact us to learn more about how ARC MIRA Services can help you increase revenue, improve marketing effectiveness, guide product development and optimize resource planning.

Types and Benefits of MIRA Services
Market Analysis

ARC’s Market Analysis Services provide our clients with actionable market intelligence unlike any other solution on the market.  Unlike the highly regarded static ARC Market Analysis Reports we have long provided, the new Market Analysis Services are dynamic and interactive using new analysis tools and functionality.  

ARC also offers optional enhancement add-on packages for Market Analysis Services to provide even more granularity.  These currently include Historical Analysis and Regional/Country Analysis.  

Market Analysis Services also provide clients with the ability to export the results of their customized datasets and the accompanying charts analysis to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF format.  A limited set of static Market Analysis Reports are also available as a PDF report and/or Excel Workbook. 

Historical analysis of the chemical industry


Economic and Industry Analysis

Each quarter ARC analysts gather economic and industry insights from around the world to learn the latest market shifts.  These datasets are uploaded to our database to make sure the latest market insights are available to our clients for inclusion in their analysis.

This MIRA service provides ARC’s assessment of the critical CAPEX, EBIT, Revenue, and Asset trends impacting the global manufacturing environment. This service allows our customers to base their planning, resourcing and budgets, product development, marketing, and business decisions on up-to-date demand-side market-scenarios.

Market Segment Overview

Need to understand a particular market segment better? These Market Overview services let you do so.  Get an overview of Industrial Software Spend, Process Automation Spend, Discrete Automation Spend, Asset Performance Management Spend, Cybersecurity Spend, as well as other market segments. 

Served Market

This service provides a fully customized dataset along with full analysis and data mining capabilities for the markets you serve. Simply provide the key datasets and parameters you want to analyze, such as technologies, market sectors, geographies, etc., and we’ll prepare our service platform, enabling you to better understand where and how to win in your markets. 

Emerging Market Opportunities

Accelerate your organization's ability to identify and capitalize on emerging markets.  Built upon a proprietary market model and ARC datasets, this service identifies opportunities for emerging trends such as sustainability and digital transformation. You can select, analyze, view, and compare opportunities by industry, use case, technology, and geography. 

Market Opportunity Chart Sample


Benefits of ARC's MIRA Services
  • Benchmark Your Company against the competition across multiple technologies, applications, regions, and industries. 
  • Optimize Corporate Investments: Market trends regarding actual historical growth and expected growth across multiple technologies, applications, regions, and industries 
  • Align Global Sales Targets: Common view of key market dynamics and expected market growth rates at the corporate, regional, and country levels.
  • Enhance Strategic Initiatives: Strategies and direct access to ARC’s domain experts to help you differentiate yourselves.  
  • Gain Greater Insights: Expert analysis is provided in context to support and explain market data trends using the latest Business Intelligence (BI) tools.  
  • Stay Abreast of the Latest Trends: Periodic updates are provided to ensure the market forecasts, trends, and strategies are up-to-date.