Market Analysis Workbooks and Studies

ARC's Global Market Data and Studies are well known for their detailed analysis and accuracy.  They deliver both quantitative and qualitative information with regard to suppliers, customers, the market, trends and strategies.  Our studies cover the full breadth of enterprise software, operational applications, automation products, and related services.  Please see the list below.

ARC Market Data and Study Differentiators

ARC delivers research differentiation in a number of ways.  First, results are achieved through a rigorous primary research process, not estimates based on public sources.  Second, ARC Analysts have deep domain expertise in the areas they cover and results are vetted through their knowledge and vast industry relationships.  Finally, research is delivered with both current year, forecast, and a five year history.  That drives consistency.  The highest possible quality is the foundation of every ARC global market research study.

In addition to global studies, ARC offers many studies in regional and country editions.  These studies are designed to support the strategic sales and marketing professionals with responsibility in maximizing penetration and competitiveness at a regional and country level.

ARC Market Analysis Platform

ARC’s Market Analysis Platform delivers market intelligence in a PDF Report, powerful Excel Workbook or On-line .  These Reports and Workbooks are based on our extensive database built over the past 30 years of research, it contains data for over 100 product categories segmented in over 20 vertical markets.  ARC has standardized many segments and categories across products and industries, enabling comparisons across, and aggregations of data from multiple products and industries. 

This platform can analyze data from many topics simultaneously, delivering aggregate data from different product segments over selected periods and regions.  When more market granularity is required, Regional Reports and Workbooks are available with data visibility to country level in each region.  Please visit ARC Market Analysis Services page to learn more about this platform.

ARC Market Analysis Studies are available in several different editions and formats. Please Contact Us to discuss all available options.