ARC Report Abstract

Open Process Automation: Some Reasons for Optimism Steve Clouther Thu, 02/22/2018 - 17:15
Recently I had a discussion with a C-level executive from the process automation business who expressed some pessimism about the prospects for open process automation systems.

Smart City Strategies

Cities are getting smarter. From the many small municipalities that have recently installed smart meters to measure electric power consumption, to the handful of large megalopolis’ that have adopted a far-reaching and broad array of systems and technologies for all key functions, the world of smart cities is a huge challenge to navigate and understand.

Top Ten Business Challenges Addressed by Automation

Manufacturers and other industrial organizations today face many different challenges. These include the often-obsolete automation systems con-trolling the production processes in their brownfield plants. While the threat of system-related production interruptions and increased maintenance costs typically associated with obsolete technology certainly pose a risk to the business, this often is still not enough to justify upgrading the automation. So how should industry go about justifying these costly and often disruptive technology upgrades? ARC Advisory Group believes that the answer is to focus on the potential benefits that modern automation can bring to a business.
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