Saudi Arabia Operational Technology Cybersecurity Controls (OTCC) Explained Steve Clouther
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) released its Operational Technology Cybersecurity Controls (OTCC) in 2022 as a comprehensive cybersecurity mandate to address the country’s own challenges in protecting its national critical infrastructure

AI, Energy Transition, and Industrial Sustainability

Industrial AI is a subset of the broader field of artificial intelligence (AI) and refers to the application of AI technologies in industrial settings to augment the workforce in pursuit of growth, profitability, more sustainable products and production processes, and operational excellence. Industrial AI leverages machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and fosters Industrial Sustainability.

Automation Technologies Play a Key Role in Achieving Sustainability Goals

ARC’s recent European Industry Forum (EIF) offered a wide variety of presentations and workshops on strategies and case studies in line with this year’s theme of Managing Industry Evolution in Times of Global Disruption. The session on Sustainability covered a variety of topics ranging from energy optimization using data analytics to sustainable automation.
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