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Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) offer significant business benefits to end-user operations and IT.  With the low cost of entry, shifting cost to an expense budget (rather than capital budget), limited corporate IT resources, and other benefits are all leading to rapid industry adoption.

For industrial companies, however, there are some additional considerations.  Control of the IT infrastructure for applications is with the service provider.  This issue is particularly important with industrial applications where there is typically a high degree of integration. This requires an agreement for orderly application upgrades to keep the integration links intact.

Who owns the data is another consideration.  Be sure to establish ownership upfront.  Sometimes, a new application being considered for acquisition is viewed to be high risk. Perhaps you are unsure of the achievable financial benefits or the technology itself. Cloud computing can reduce the upfront financial costs and mitigate the risk.

Cloud computing technology is moving fast.  There are more choices than ever in technology, techniques, deployment architectures, and service providers.  Choosing the best path forward for your particular circumstances is a daunting task and one you will need advice for.  That is where ARC steps in.  Our analysts follow all aspects of cloud computing technology for Industry and Infrastructure.  If you are faced with a strategic decision, and want to know the best practices, leading solutions or current issues, then you need to engage with ARC.

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