Energy Management and Sustainability


Energy can be the largest component of a company's cost structure. Most companies have formalized energy management programs, and many use automation and control technologies to help minimize energy costs. However, it is clear that many companies need to take their efforts to the next level by monitoring and optimizing energy use in real time, and through more widespread adoption of advanced automation technologies and energy management applications.

Enterprises can achieve significant reductions in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions when these efforts are executed in tandem with cross-functional responsibilities and reporting, including the financial operational, and environmental departments.

A data-driven approach to energy management is recommended as it is both most objective and repeatable. Data provides visibility into the amount of energy consumed, enables trending, and identifies energy hogs. New, low-cost wireless and internet-connected sensors could lower the cost of obtaining previously stranded energy management related data.

Energy and asset performance management are inextricably linked; improvement efforts in one area have a direct impact on the other. A smoothly operating process, which increases asset availability, is a more energy-efficient process.

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