Managed Transportation Services

This Selection Guide will help organizations select the best third party logistics (3PL) provider to work with in the area of managed transportation services based on their business requirements.

Managed Transportation Services Overview

The primary driver for a Managed Transportation Services (MTS) engagement is the recognition that managing transportation is not a core competence for the company.  MTS relationships are generally successful.  Two-thirds of respondents to ARC Advisory Group’s managed transportation services survey reported that they achieved freight savings based upon their MTS relationship.  Many achieved quite substantial savings.  Significantly, the freight savings did not come at the expense of diminished service levels to customers.  From a service perspective, MTS represents a low-risk engagement.

The selection guide reviews our research on the ROI companies can expect when they engage in an MTS arrangement, as well as what factors are linked to successful engagements.  This guide is designed to speed the supplier selection process.  Over 150 criteria are provided that can be used to select an appropriate supplier. 

The guide also provides data on who the leaders in the market are and which 3PLs are the leading providers in different regions of the world and across a variety of industries.  Supplier profiles are provided on all prominent suppliers of managed transportation services.  

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Managed Transportation Services Strategic Issues

MTS relationships need to deliver more than freight savings.  Service performance is critical to the business performance of the enterprise.  The selection guide explores company objectives, ROI justification, service scope, selection criteria, and helps answer key questions, such as: 

  • What criteria should be considered for comparing suppliers?
  • Which service providers have success in your industry?
  • Which 3PLs prefer to work with large-, medium-, and small-size shippers?
  • Which service providers are strong in North America, Europe, etc.?
  • Is buying and implementing a transportation management system or working with a 3PL a better path forward for your company?

Managed Transportation Services Selection Guide Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Major Trends
  • Industry Trends
  • Regional Trends
  • End User Trends

MTS Adoption Strategies


Supplier Selection Criteria

  • Key Criteria Analysis
  • Have a Fact-based Selection Process
  • Consider Best Practices by Suppliers
  • Selection Process Tools Available
  • Table Containing over 150 Specific Selection Criteria

ROI Survey

  • The ROI of MTS
  • Risk vs. Reward
  • Recommendations

Market Shares Analysis

  • Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers
  • Market Shares by Region
    • North America
    • EMEA
    • Asia
    • Latin America
  • Market Shares by Industry
    • Aerospace & Defense
    • Automotive
    • Chemical
    • Electronics & Electrical
    • Food & Beverage
    • Household & Personal Care 
    • Machinery Manufacturing
    • Mining & Metals
    • Pharmaceutical & Biotech
    • Printing & Publishing
    • Retail
  • Leading Suppliers to Large, Medium Sized and Small Shippers

Supplier Profiles

Profiles for the major MTS suppliers servicing this market are included.  Each profile concisely reviews the company’s business and services as it applies to managed transportation.

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Representative End User Clients
Representative End User Clients