Open Process Automation at the 2018 ARC Industry Forum

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At the 2017 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida, in addition to keynote and other presentations on OPA by other ExxonMobil executives, ExxonMobil and The Open Group held the initial meetings of the Open Process Automation Forum. Also at the 2017 ARC Industry Forum, NAMUR, the European end user organization, explained its objectives to open up installed automation systems via the “NAMUR Open Architecture,” or NOA. 

Digitizing and Securing Industry, Infrastructure, and Cities

The upcoming 2018 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, February 12-15, 2018, will offer attendees a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about further progress of these important activities and network with many of the people who are deeply engaged in this work. 

The overall Forum program, Digitizing and Securing Industry, Infrastructure, and Cities, should appeal to a broad spectrum of professionals anxious to learn more about what industry leaders are doing to prepare for and implement the respective digital transformations that all industrial, infrastructure, and municipal organizations must undergo to remain viable and succeed in the years and decades ahead.

As in previous Forums, there will be a major emphasis on Industrial IoT (IIoT), advanced analytics, and cybersecurity; all prerequisites for successful digital transformation. The latter will include a full-day of in-depth cybersecurity workshops on Monday, February 12th and a dedicated track for cybersecurity sessions throughout the event.

Open Process Automation Keynotes and Sessions

The 2018 Forum will include both keynotes on Open Process Automation and a dedicated track for process automation end users and suppliers.  OPA-specific sessions will span the Forum.  Some highlights follow:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

In his morning keynote presentation, ExxonMobil’s Vice President of Engineering, Kenny Warren, will provide a top executive’s viewpoint concerning the company’s open automation work and the future challenges anticipated.

Tuesday afternoon, in a session titled “Open Process Automation Status,” Don Bartusiak, ExxonMobil’s Chief Engineer for process automation, will - for the first time - report details on ExxonMobil’s Proof of Concept work, begun in late 2016.  NAMUR, ExxonMobil, and the Open Process Automation Forum will also explain how they plan to collaborate in pursuit of future open process automation systems.

Thursday, February 15, 2018Open-Process-Automation-System.jpg

Thursday morning, leaders of the Open Process Automation Forum will present an “OPA Forum Discussion” intended to provide details on the direction of the OPA Forum’s working groups, the status and expected dates for their deliverables, and a roadmap of their future activities. They will also discuss OPA Forum membership status, and opportunities for end users and suppliers to participate.

Thursday afternoon, the OPA Forum will begin their quarterly face-to-face meetings, which are co-located with the ARC Orlando Forum.  These meetings, which are only open to OPA Forum members, will continue through Friday afternoon.

Join in the Conversation

In between these and the many other sessions at the ARC Forum, attendees have many opportunities to network and discuss these and related topics with experts from many industries and from many types of suppliers.

Attending the 2018 ARC Forum is a “must” for professionals who want to stay abreast of these important developments in OT/IT convergence, process automation, IIoT-enabled analytics and asset performance management, along with other timely topics for industry, infrastructure, and smart cities. 

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