ARC's February Forum to Focus on Disruptive Technologies, Innovation, and Cybersecurity

Industry Trends

When faced with business challenges, even manufacturers and other  conservative industrial companies are receptive to new business approaches and disruptive technologies.  But only if these are proven and secure.  So that's the focus for the ARC Industry Forum being held in Orlando in February.

To that end, our keynote presenters include:

  • Michael Carroll, Vice President, Innovation & Operations Excellence at Georgia-Pacific, who will address approaches for adopting new technologies

  • Sandy Vasser, Facilities I&E Manager at ExxonMobil Development, who will speak to the need to take automation off the critical path for major projects

  • Rob High, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Watson Solutions at the IBM Software Group, who will speak on advances in machine learning.

Many more pioneers and thought leaders from both the user and supplier communities will also speak to share their success stories and solutions.  In addition to in-depth workshops on cyber security, developing the future workforce, plant asset management, and smart manufacturing, individual forum sessions will address topics like:

  • Leveraging new technologies and processes

  • Industrial cybersecurity management

  • Managing aging control systems

  • Managing major automation projects

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

  • Machine learning

  • Smart connected machines

  • Ethernet and IP for field devices

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Operators of the future

  • Operator training simulators

  • Convergence of information and operational technologies

  • Convergence of process safety and cybersecurity

  • Operational intelligence and visualization

  • Modularization in process automation

  • Smart field systems

  • Cognitive computing

  • Supply chain control towers

  • Digital thread in machinery ecosystems

A refreshing change at the forum (I hesitate to say unique...) is that it is focused squarely on success stories presented by the users.  Partly as a result of that, networking is a huge part of the event too.  You can learn more - or indeed register - here.

PS.  A number of suppliers and vendors will also be making major announcements.  So, if you work for an industry publication, you're welcome to attend too.  You can email Paul Miller to learn more about that.


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