Exploring Sustainability, Energy, and Transportation Innovations

Author photo: Jim Frazer
ByJim Frazer

My commentaries during the summer of 2023 have covered a wide range of subjects in the intersecting domains of Sustainability, Energysustainability, energy, and transportation. Here's an exploration of the recurring themes and key takeaways from my summer 2023  blog posts and podcasts:

Sustainability and Energy Optimization

Key Posts:

Observation: The focus on sustainable energy solutions, especially in commercial environments, stands out. Honeywell's partnerships and vision for a sustainable horizon underscore the significance of harmonizing financial and environmental goals.

Electric Mobility and Charging Infrastructure

Key Posts:

Observation: The transportation landscape is shifting towards electrification. With leading automakers and charging solution pioneers advocating for a cohesive charging standard and expansive infrastructure, the momentum towards electric vehicles is palpable.

Innovations in Energy Solutions

Key Posts:

Observation: The energy domain is witnessing a metamorphosis with groundbreaking concepts like microgrids, energy as a service, and other green solutions. Thought leaders like Steve Pullins and Mitch Kominsky elucidate these evolving trends.

Sustainable Transportation

Key Posts:

Observation: The transportation sector extends beyond just electric vehicles. Progress in connected vehicle tech and sustainable transportation strategies are pivotal for an eco-friendly tomorrow.

Advanced Metering and Infrastructure

Key Posts:

Observation: Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is reshaping how energy consumption is tracked and optimized, presenting intelligent solutions for a sustainable era.

Future Visions and Collaborations

Key Posts:

Observation: Synergies between industry titans and avant-garde startups are sculpting the future. Be it 5G electrification, circular carbon economies, or sustainable aviation, these alliances are propelling advancements.

Wrapping up, these mid- 2023 perspectives spotlight the progress, challenges, and future aspirations of the sustainability, energy, and transportation sectors. They offer a broad view of the industry's trajectory and the innovations set to impact our world.

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to me at jfrazer@arcweb.com  

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